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Body and soul relaxationBody and soul relaxationBody and soul relaxationBody and soul relaxation

Procedures & Massages

Body and soul relaxation

The aim of all procedures and massages is to allow our guests to experience relaxation, inner harmony, rest and joy.


RASULBATH (45 min. / 2 person)

This procedure brings your skin rejuvenation and a sense of well-being. The beneficent properties of the Moroccan volcanic mud combined with warmth, vapour and a soft shower have been known and used for centuries. The Moroccan clay is applied to the skin in a pleasant vapour bath and is left on. Finally it is slowly and thoroughly washed off in the bath by a soft shower. It is a "self-service" procedure.


HONEY STEAM BATH (45 min. / 2 person) 

Honey is a sought-after raw material for skin care due to its extraordinary properties. It is suitable even for the driest skin, which it moisturizes and nourishes and helps to prevent skin aging. Last but not least, honey rids the skin of impurities and is ideal for the prevention and treatment of acne. The treatment takes place directly in the steam room where the honey is applied to the skin and left to work. It is a "self-service" procedure.


SABAI (30 min. / 2 person)

This herbal procedure helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, stimulates blood circulation and nourishes and revitalises the skin. The Thai herbal hot cushions soothe sore muscles and joints and reduce fatigue. Helps to relieve tension, swelling and inflammation in muscles. Removes joint stiffness and improves blood flow. It is a "self-service" procedure.


PRIVATE CEDAR SAUNA (30 min. / 2 - 4 persons)

Treat yourself to a unique sauna experience thanks to the health-giving and precious cedar wood. Sauna bathing is not only a popular way to induce a feeling of relief and relaxation, but it also has positive health effects on the human body. After heating up the sauna, cedar wood starts to release the so-called phytoncides that are very beneficial for upper respiratory tract problems and help with allergies and asthma. The sauna is suitable for 2 - 4 people.





It is one of the most sought- after treatments. It relaxes the entire musculoskeletal system and removes fatigue, flabbiness and stiffness. The massage is performed with quite vigorous touches that release skin tension and help blood circulation to the skin and muscles. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.



Soothing body oil is a beautifully aromatic essential oil which de-stresses the body, quiets the mind and promotes healthy sleep. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.



Fitness body oil is deeply warming, ideal for tired, sore muscles. Its use is recommended before and after exercise or sport performance. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.



Very soothing, warming massage which brings deep relaxation to both body and mind, relieves tension and stress. Total duration: 50 minutes.



This therapy, the basics of which lie in the use of special Hawaiian techniques using not only the fingers and palms, but also the forearms of the therapist, which thanks to their rhythmic and execution have a high therapeutic and maximally relaxing effect. This therapy is considered a pearl among other therapies and massages. The therapy stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, removes muscle pain, fatigue and tension, relaxes joint connections, helps detoxify the body, and deeply relaxes and harmonizes. Total duration: 50 minutes.



Brings beneficial relief to feet provides maximum relaxation and restoration. Total duration: 20 minutes.



Gentle pressure on energy points brings relaxation, soothes headaches including migraines, relieves tension and stress. Total duration: 20 minutes.



This massage prevents skin aging, wrinkles, promotes regeneration, increases skin elasticity, has a positive effect on the psyche and significantly reduces tension in the face. It can induce a feeling of well-being and harmony, which is reflected in greater self-confidence and satisfaction. Total duration: 20 minutes.



This massage offers the relaxation of the trapezius, neck and inter-scapular area. Nowadays, this is one of the most sought after massages, as the thoracic area is one of the most overworked areas of the body. After the massage you will feel obvious relief in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Total duration: 20 minutes.




"Indulge yourself in a unique and luxurious experience when enjoying a massage using British cosmetic products ESPA."


ENERGIZING BODY OIL returns lost energy. Its encouraging effect invigorates the mind and restores the balance of body and soul. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.


Soothing BODY OIL is an aromatic fragrance oil that reduces stress, calms the mind and promotes sound sleep. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.


FITNESS BODY OIL has a warming effect and is ideal for sore muscles and tired muscles. It is advisable to use it before and after exercise or sport. Total duration: 50 or 80 minutes.


Pleasant warm massage that provides deep relaxation of the whole body and mind removes tension and stress. Total duration: 50 minutes.


The therapy stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, removes muscle pain, fatigue and tension, loosens joints, helps detoxify the body, deeply relaxes and harmonizes. Total duration: 50 minutes.




Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity, is an ancient Indian system of natural healing that focuses on the balanced and dynamic integration of our environment, body, mind and spirit. Enjoy this treatment designed for physical rejuvenation that will help you to achieve a deeper sense of inner peace.



Head massage - special nourishing oil application promotes hair roots, hair growth, and eliminates hair loss. This treatment also works wonders for the soul by relieving tension, fatigue, relaxing the muscles and nervous system. Total duration: 20 minutes.



Indulge in the perfect blend of ancient healing traditions with gentle massage. This treatment uses heated herbal pouches containing a special blend of herbs to relieve tension, muscle pain and swelling. Total duration: 20 minutes.



A relaxing treatment that releases the body's energy and helps to calm down and clear the mind. A gentle stream of warm Ayurvedic oil is applied to the forehead from a special container suspended overhead, encouraging the release of natural serotonin, which gives a sense of pleasure and calm. For optimal results, it is recommended that this treatment be applied once a day for 3 days. The treatment includes a soothing neck massage. We recommend taking this treatment in the morning. Total duration: 50 minutes.



It is a deeply relaxing and regenerating Ayurvedic massage. Massage promotes blood and lymph circulation, respiratory system, improves flexibility, strengthens and calms the central nervous system, improves immunity, reduces fatigue, promotes sleep, stimulates digestion, lowers levels of stress hormones, triggers self-healing and samoočistné processes in the body that promotes blood circulation. which delivers cells into the tissue of nutrients and transports toxins. It imitates the skin and prevents premature aging of the skin. Total duration:  50 minutes.



Eliminate the stresses of today's hectic lifestyle and improve the overall appearance of your skin. This treatment begins with a gentle full body massage with aromatic oils. Milky rice extract and fragrant herbal blends are applied to specific areas of the body to help nourish and strengthen the skin. The massage has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and gives the body the energy it needs. This treatment is welcome in the summer months when it soothes sun-stressed skin. Total duration: 80 minutes.



Enjoy this exceptional treatment that helps to slim down. First you will receive a very gentle massage with a special natural powder that breaks down subcutaneous fat and activates its burning. This is followed by a relaxing steam bath in the Baobab steam room, enriched with special herbs that promote detoxification of the body, and help to firm and tone the skin. After this treatment you will feel not only slimmer, but also full of energy. Total duration: 80 minutes.




“A gift of softness, health and beauty to your skin.”


The scent of extra virgin olive oil brings a feeling of freshness, increasing the beneficent effect of the gentle salt scrub, which helps to soften the skin of the whole body and improves its firmness and tone. We recommend to combine this treatment with a massage.






The unique combination of soothing treatments in which we use luxury cosmetics brand SPA CEYLON series of Ceylon Tea. In cosmetics Pure Ceylon Tea is known for its healing properties and is known as a natural antioxidant. The procedure begins with the exfoliation of the whole body, which prepares the skin for a subsequent massage. After the massage, the skin is treated with a body cream. After a short break and harmonization, enjoy green tea.

  • Whole body scrub, shower: 25 + 5 minutes
  • Relaxing massage: 50 minutes
  • Body cream application and harmonization: 20 minutes
  • Final tea, 2 teas served on a kung fu tea tray: 20 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes



Give your body and skin a cleansing treatment with the luxurious UK ESPA Detox Detox cosmetics. Simulating this procedure helps to improve blood circulation, speeding up the excretion of toxins and excess fluid. Overall, it helps to cleanse the body and improves the appearance of the skin. Clearing cypress and juniper stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins. Greapefruit intensifies the mood, while almond oil provides the skin with intensive moisture. The ultimate PUER TEA is known for its strong detoxifying effects.

  • Detox salt peeling, shower: 15 + 5 minutes
  • Relaxation massage and harmonization: 80 + 5 minutes
  • Last tea: 15 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes



Sugar peeling contains natural sugar crystals that gently remove dead skin cells. It leaves a completely smooth and soft skin. It improves its flexibility, moisturizes and strengthens it. Scrub contains sweet almond oil, one of the best cosmetic oils. Then the coconut massage is complemented with a shell massage and shea butter or cocoa butter. At the end we prepare a blooming jasmine tea for you. The process can be enjoyed either with the aroma of honey and vanilla or chocolate.

  • Sugar peeling, shower: 25 + 5 minutes
  • Relaxing massage: 50 minutes
  • Butter treatment for: 20 minutes
  • Harmonization and final tea: 20 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes



Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation of the whole body. Cleanses the entire body in a very natural and non-violent way. It removes toxins, regenerates, rejuvenates the whole body and induces balance. After this treatment you will feel like you have been reborn. This is a very popular old treatment using special herbal oils. The treatment begins with an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, continues with spinal stimulation with herbal pouches, foot massage, and concludes with Shirodara head therapy, where a continuous stream of warm herbal oil flows in a gentle trickle on the forehead, cleansing the mind and body and relaxing the nervous system. The treatment is highly relaxing and stimulating to the nervous system. We recommend taking this ritual in the morning.

  • Abhyanga: 50 minutes
  • Herbal spinal stimulation: 20 minutes
  • Foot massage: 20 minutes
  • Shirodara: 30 minutes
  • Final relaxation and harmonization: 10 minutes

Total time: 130 minutes


Ayurvedic treatments are offered depending on the shifts of the masseurs. Please check with the resort reception for availability.



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